Michelle Getuienis (English)



I am happily married to my high school sweetheart since 2008 we have been dating since 1995. I have 2 beautiful children, my daughter Miane born in 2009 and she has a brother Luan who was born in 2011.

I also have a wonderful church family which I adore and has walked beside me every step of the way. I am in love with Jesus and grateful that He chose me to be his child and that I am able to have a personal relationship with Him.

Life is good!

He first had to rescue me from the self-destruction path I was on.

So the story begins like this;

If I must describe BC (Before Christ) days in one word I can think of many, but my life was Messy. I did not think so at the time.

I was caught in a web of drugs and alcohol and doing everything that is against everything I believe in now.

I was the life of the party the loud one, the one on the tables the “Cool” one. Or so I thought. I could drink any guy under the table that was no problem for me. I always joke and laugh about this, but I had 2 sets of friends, the friends that went till midnight and then the ones that went for the whole weekend. Life was just one big party….. I knew something was missing – and I knew it was God, but I was scared my fun will be over. I also tried other religions but there was something missing…. I was on a mission to find it….. although I had the answer…. but none the less….

Louis (my high school sweetheart) and I met when I was 15 he was 17 he was my all and everything – we were normal teenagers that went to dinner and movies that was our night out. We were never the clubbing types or doing drugs we might have a drink now and then, nothing serious.

When he was busy with his last year in school we started picking up troubles, as he found friends that were clubbing and found that life appetising…. so he used to go out a lot that caused a lot of problems. So as he finished school we took a break from each other, the fighting got a whole lot worse he wanted to go out all the time and did not want to.

The break up was part my idea but I did not take it well as I thought I would. I suffered from depression badly as I missed him so much. I also felt rejection in the sense that he could not choose me over his friends, what was wrong with me? I found my joy in alcohol a lot of it at this stage drugs was introduced to me but I said no! So I kept on drinking everyday and of course I saw no problem with it even on the nights I arrived at my destination without remembering how I got there.

I had a good job at the bank, just went on with life day by day – Alone. I was hurting on the inside badly but I was hiding and covering it with the alcohol. I use to hear stories that Louis is a DJ and a big druggie, but I did not want to believe that – I just could not picture my big teddy bear doing the things I hear. I also used to think that I will bump into him and his wife with a baby in a stroller at the shops. That thought broke my heart in a thousand pieces…..

I was the only one among all the friends that did not do any drugs I had the “mother hen” role in a way – always made sure they are doing fine and get home safe. But then the day came I thought what is the worst that can happen?? Well the worst did happen. The first time was magical, I never felt like this in my life – all my problems and depression went away – I felt happy for the first time in my life – Life was amazing. There was a spring in my step when I know the weekend is around the corner I can use again – (Ecstasy and LSD).

By this time I was smoking marijuana on a daily basis and drugs over the weekend. At one stage I could not wait for the weekend and started on Wednesday, Thursday all the way through to the weekend. With all the partying new friends came and friends that did the “heavy stuff” things you vow never to do – when I talk about heavy stuff that is cocaine & crack. I got very drunk one night once again and sat with my head on my friend shoulder and said to him “I wish I was sober” he said “Really?” I said yes. “I can do that for you” and he took out a glass pipe – he said smoke this like you would a cigarette, and so I did and in a matter of 30 seconds it was stone cold sober – that was my first try of crack, needless to say this my new thing. I could smoke it up all by myself – even when I did not have money I used to leave my cellphone with the dealer as collateral so that I can get my fix. The dealer was also in one of the most dangerous part of town – Hillbrow. At this stage I was addicted to everything you can be addicted to – Pain killers, Alcohol, Ectacy, LSD, cocaine, and crack.

I was thin, dark circles around my eyes was not pretty sight. I ended up in hospital with liver damage there God had a plan, because there it was just me and Him. The Dr said I will never see my 30th birthday should I carry on with this life style – I had to come clean and tell him everything. There in hospital is was alone – I got to think about life and what I want – the loneliness killed me. Don’t get me wrong I had visitors but I felt so alone. I thought I could never leave the lifestyle I will be alone like this and I could not take it. The first thing I wanted to know when I got discharged was where is the party I want to go…..! I did not go anywhere but home that day.

I was clean for 6 weeks but it felt like something was missing, a part of me was gone which I did not want gone. So I started drinking again nothing happened I was still standing, I started with the drugs again…. my happiness was back. But the happiness was short lived….. I did not want this life anymore even though it was filled with friends and lots of people I was alone. I wanted a companion, a boyfriend if you will. Through all this time I was single as I did not want any baggage or anyone to tell me what to do but Louis always lingered in the back of my mind.

I wanted to settle down, perhaps buy a house I just did not want to be alone.

On one normal ordinary day, I received an email from Louis, he wanted to go out to dinner. I was shocked & surprised I did not know how to feel about this. Well we went out long story short – he was fed up with his life the parties and everything that comes with that, I was fed up with mine and he wanted me back (this was after 4 year breakup) – so you think – Match made in heaven?

It was quite the opposite – we moved in together and then the fireworks started. We were fed up by the lifestyle but we just carried on and on – we were using every single day, drinking, smoking and drugs. We were not good for and to each other. We were fighting every single day. Then the fighting will get so bad I moved out of the house 3-4 times a month. Come back make up and use drugs again and again….. one vicious circle. I came to a place again where I just knew that there must be more to life than this. Again our life was filled with friends and parties, but it felt empty. I pleaded with Louis to stop but he wanted to know nothing, he was not interested – because of this the fights carried on. There were times where I stayed in the spare bedroom and that we will not talk to each other for 2 weeks easily. What made matters worse was he was a DJ so we went to party after party – it felt like it will never stop.

My life was flashing in front of me but it was not the picture I wanted to see. I set an ultimatum to Louis and told him this was it. He just carried on. One day we had a huge fight and he wanted the House Agents number (We bought a house together) so that we can put the house in the market and break up.

Well by that time I was still living in the spare bedroom at the time – it was the Wednesday night I prayed to God I have tried everything in my power so I thought of praying – All I asked God is that I get through this break up – We have a house to sell and some possessions to split – I just wanted to get through that. I was fine with the break up. So I prayed this prayer but I also said to God, I have done the most shocking things and was everything but a good example and it will be ok if he doesn’t listen to me or do anything for me I will understand.

I went on with life as normal, I actually forgot I prayed. The Friday night I went out with friends, used drugs for the last time (did not know that at the time). Got home the Saturday and I heard Gospel Music playing in the house – I will never forget the house was extra clean, and this gentle breeze was blowing through the house, I felt peace – but it was very weird. Louis was in the house but we did not talk, I left to go out with work friends again the Saturday night. Sunday I returned home, I felt that peace again. I was lying on the couch and Louis came into the lounge and said to me that God has spoken to him. Well that was the end of me, what was he on, new drugs??? Yes he was on a new high – the High of Jesus.

Just a short snippet of his story;

The Friday after I have prayed he made plans to go to one of his friends to spend the weekend and party up a storm. That morning he received a Scripture from this particular friend – Ps 91:7 – A thousand shall fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it will not come near you. He contacted his friend and he said to Louis he is studying to be a pastor and has turned his life around. Needless to say, Louis never went to him that weekend but stayed at home and did drugs all by himself that Friday night. That night he cried out to God and said to God that if He is real – He will change Him.

That was almost instant hence the Gospel Music that I heard the Saturday Morning. The peace I felt was the peace of God – that can only God can give.

The God I prayed to on that Wednesday night the Creator of the Universe have chosen me to be His child and has answered my prayer. I was gobsmacked I could not believe it. Here was 2 people who was never sober released from the bondage of addiction – just like that!! (We still smoked cigarettes but gradually quit that)

A new exciting life has started, we were like fish out of water, but Holy Spirit guided us to the right place at the right time. We bought ourselves bibles, joined a wonderful church –we went to church for the first time in years and they had a course for new believers who is new to the Christian Faith – so we joined and learned a lot and it set the basis for our faith as we stand today. Slowly started with our life changing relationship with God. God pressed on our hearts to get married, we were married in 4 months. Our daughter was born the following year our son 2 year later.

We have the life we have always dreamed of God has blessed us in so many ways. The road is not always easy and we are far from where we need to be, but thank God every day we are not where we used to be. We can take on life’s problems, disappointments, heart ache, joyful, happy and good days as long as we have God on our side. He took us, broken in a million pieces dirty of sin, picked us up from the bottomless pit we were in and cleaned us with this precious blood and wrote off all that we did and gave us a new life with a clean slate. We did not have to go to any rehab to come clean, there are also no permanent damage to our bodies. I am still gobsmacked! Thank you GOD – I will praise Him forever!

If God can do this for me, he is more than willing to for anyone else, just call His name and make the decision, it will be the best decision you can make – You will not be sorry this is the LIFE!!!!

He turned my MESS into a MESSAGE!